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Are you receiving your share of prizes at Magic Dollar Biz?
Wealth Seeker,

Why do I keep harping about Mdb?

Simply because its one of the best programs on
the planet for building a steady and growing
revenue stream.

The 48-hour contest provides steady cycling
but more people need to participate if we
are all going to cycle faster, to get into the
top levels.

Here is a challenge for you, starting with the
next contest.

Current contest ends Monday at 6:59 pm Est,

New contest starts at 7 pm Est, 8/12.

This is an experiment on my part and may not
continue beyond this next contest but here is
the challenge for you:

1. Starting with the contest that begins at 7 pm
Est, 8/12:

A. Every person who purchases at least 4 positions
will get $1.25 sent to their account, without you
doing anything.

You will be able to use the $1.25 to purchase a
5th position, which will qualify you for a prize as
you cannot withdraw it or transfer it to someone

I check the contest page on a regular basis, so
I can see usernames of those who have purchased
4 positions.

If you want to register at Mdb, click on this link.

Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

Carl Goodnight
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