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💰💋designers work around the clock to provide creative ideas and attractive designs
💰💋designers work around the clock to provide creative ideas and attractive designs"

❤️👍O-Media By ONPASSIVE largest and most varied integrated media channels

OMEDIA is one of ONPASSIVE's largest and most varied integrated media channels.

It controls a variety of media and information outlets.

It has an interest in the creation and maintenance of websites, personal accounts,

and the digital content industry, the latter of which is most significant for the Story of the Month.

It also has an interest in media and consulting services in the field of digital media.

Delivering timely analyses and insights through a variety of media activities to businesses that support the media industry.

Organizing conferences, events and workshops related to digital media technology and artificial intelligence.

Providing training programs at all levels.

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Ten Clicks or Less Did you know that in 9 or 10 clicks every business, organization, professional, friend or family member can connect with their officers, employees, clients, followers, friends or family or whomever they desire?


1. O-Connect app

2. Login

3. Go Live tab

4. Allow Microphone pop up

5.Start Conference

6.Participant icon

7.Add participant icon

8.Copy Event Invitation

9.Email, social media message, etc.



The tool simplifies every virtual collaboration with a variety of themes and templates for different occasions.

It has several outstanding features, including a prompter, audio noise cancellation, a whiteboard, a calculator, and much more.

So, there you have it ONPASSIVE is like the coolest friend throwing the best digital party, making sure everyone has a blast, and even sharing the joy with sweet rewards. Get ready for the grand unveiling ONPASSIVE is bringing everything together for a story of success that's simple, fun, and totally awesome!


To our mutual success
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