What is Viral Ads Depot

Viral Ads Depot is a very unique advertising site for all online businesses. It combines Solo ad mailing with traffic. The Site Promotes everyone's ads and all of the members promote everyone's ad creating huge viral traffic to your sites.

Can I join the site Fr-ee

Yes you can join the site fr-ee and ad 2 text ads to the site and collect 10% commission when you promote the site.

What is an Ad Block?

An ad block is a single ad or a group of ads that slide into the main sales site and all VAD affiliate links. Depending on your membership level, your ad blocks contain only your ads or they contain random text ads from other members. However the image ad is always your ad on your VAD link. CEO level can elect to show only their own ads on their VAD links. Other membership levels will have random ads appear on their page. Viral Ads Depot is designed to get everyone's ads seen and get high traffic which is the real power of the site.

What Kind of Upgrades Do You Offer at Viral Ads Depot

There are four upgrades available at VAD . Apprentice, Manager, Director and CEO. You can check out the pricing here


Do you have a solo ad contact mailer at VAD

Yes there is a fabulous new mailer at VAD. Paid Members can access the mailer. You can pick the day you would like your mailings to run and they will automatically run on that day.

Do You Have an affiliate Program at VAD?

Yes. You will find your affiliate links in the members area of VAD. You can use the main sales page affiliate link or your capture page affiliate link to promote the site.

How do you pay commissions at VAD?

We pay by online check or regular check. If you need a different way to get paid, please contact us through support and we will arrange something with you.

How often do you pay commissions?

We pay commissions monthly. A commission must age for 30 days from the date of purchase and then the commission will get paid at the end of the following month.

What is an online check?

An online check looks and acts exactly like a regular check except that you provide an email address where you want the check sent to so it can

get to instantly instead by regular mail. All you need is a printer to print the check out and deposit in your bank just like you would any other check.

How Many Mailers do you have at VAD?

There are 2 mailers at VAD. One is a solo ad contact mailer. The other is a team mailer where you can mail to your sign ups. Please see the pricing link to see how often you can use these mailers. The higher the membership level, the more often you can use the mailer.

What does it mean when it says on your sales page-We promote for you.

Every member of Viral Ads Depot gets to put up what we call slide in ads. You can see them on the ad profit page. These ads slide onto the main sales page and every affiliate page so not only do we promote for you but every member of the site is promoting for you as well. It is a team effort as you will see when you join the site and get set up.

Can I join the site Fr-ee?

Yes you can join the site fr-ee and add 2 text ads to the site and collect 10% commission when you promote the site.

What size Images to your use for the ad blocks?

For 3 of the ad blocks you can use 250 by 250 banners . For the main TV ad, we provide 11 600 by 400 images that you can choose from or you can upload your own . They don't have to be 600 by 400. They just have to be in that proportion and they will be resized to fit in the TV frame.