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Wealth Seeker, Get in on this - ground floor op-portunity

Hi Wealth Seeker and Welcome,

Like Jane Mark I almost never promote other people’s
sites but this one is definitely different..

First let me say this…

This is a private invitation to you about a
new product that is in Pre-Launch now
and launches officially in early November.

The product is “Viduber” and is
being launched by Joel Therien from
San Antonio Texas where his business provides
Video hosting and streaming for almost
everyone who needs it.

The reason why you are receiving this email
now Is because Jane Mark hosts her servers
for Jam Market-ing at Joel Therien’s data centre
in Texas where he provides an exceptional service.

Jane advises that she has Known Joel for
umpteen mil-lion years (sounds like an unlimited founder).

(Well at least 17 years but who’s counting?)
Joel is one of the good guys on the net.

Consequently when Joel contacted Jane and
spilled the beans about his new Video Hosting and
streaming affiliate business it was information too good
to miss and be able to share it with you guys.

Joel has been involved with other very successful
business launches in the past to boot.

Why would people be interested in this
exceptional business proposal:-

It could probably be nailed down to three
(3) main reasons.

The Product:-

The first is the product- and figures
indicate that video hosting and streaming
services are in huge demand and Joel
advises that it has increased by 1200%
each year for the last 5 years.

You can believe it as everywhere you look
people want to see videos for sport and

To top that off Viduber is rock solid
and not in Beta testing mode.

The Price:-

The second reason is price. Joel advises
that they can provide this product at
an exceptional cost of about 10% of
similar products. And that is because he owns
huge video hosting and streaming servers with
almost unlimited capacity

The Affiliate Commission:-

The third reason is the amount of affiliate commissions
Viduber pays up to 60% commission to affiliates.
35% on your direct-sal-es
25% when your downline makes-a-s-ale

Of two similar competing businesses
one pays a measly 3% commission and the
other does not have an affiliate program.

Lots of Laughs – Compensation Plan Comparison
Click Here

Very simple reasons why you
should jump onto this runaway freight train.

What should you do now:-

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain
so lock in your position today for only one
dollar ($1) to position yourself to build your
teams before it goes public.

I am working hard to help Jane get the word
out to you about Joel’s new site for you to
get a top spot.

Joel answers questions on the link below

Position yourself for suc-cess now:-

It’s only $1 to go for a spin, so hop in
and turn the key.

I am working very hard to build this
business and will be delighted to have you
on my team.

Kind Regards
Bob Welcome
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