How it works
Viral-Ads Depot (VAD) gives you five powerful elements to boost your online business.

1. We promote your websites for you.
2. Ad-Blocks that get you tons of traffic.
3. Fast list building.
4. Unique and powerful mailers.
5. The money.
1. We promote your websites for you.
The main sales page and all affiliate pages display ad-blocks on them. These ad-blocks contain your ads plus the text ads of other members.

Your ads also appear on the unique generated links we create for you that you use to promote your sites.

Your ads will get colossal traffic exposure from all of our VAD members as your ads will be displayed on thousands of links.

Your ads will also appear on our high traffic Ad-Profit page.
2. Ad-Blocks that get tons of traffic.
There are four different ad-blocks. These ad-blocks contain images and images and text ads.

You can see the four main ad blocks on the main sales page of VAD.

These ad blocks are also set up in the member's area of VAD.

You choose an ad-block you want to use, choose an image, add a title, and the website URL you want to promote. And click save.

We will generate a unique promotion link for you to use that contains the ad-block you chose.

You go to manage ads, assign ad credits to the ad you entered, and it will immediately appear on your affiliate pages, and the Ad Profit Page and the VAD generated unique promotion links
3. Fast List Building.
Build your list fast by giving away up to 100,000 free ads credits to anyone who signs up under you at VAD. People love getting these free credits.

100,000 ad credits have a value of $500.00, and that gives you a powerful incentive to offer.

Along with your leading affiliate site, you also have two capture pages that let you build your list lickety-split.
4. Unique and powerful mailers.
There are two mailers at VAD.

The first mailer is a solo mailer that currently mails your offers to 1,527 paid members. It also sends to all new members who join VAD.

The second mailer is a downline mailer or team mailer that mails your offers to your team members, three levels deep.
5. The money.
At VAD, we give you high commissions plus bonuses and recurring income.

(a) You can earn up to 40% commissions by selling VAD accounts. Your commission level depends on your membership level.

(b) You can earn recurring income from anyone who signs up under you and upgrades if they are a monthly or annual member.

(c) You can earn a 10% bonus overrides if you make five sales in any one week. It does not matter what level you sell you will get your level commission plus 10% added on if you make five sales in any one week.

(d) You can earn when other users promote their sites, and people buy from your ads that appear on their ad-blocks.

Take a look at the pricing page here:

Note: We encourage you to take a careful look at the CEO membership, which is our founder account.

Here are the highlights.

1) When you promote your VAD affiliate links and your special promotion links we generate for you, only your ads appear on these.

2) You Get 1 million mailing credits when you upgrade to CEO to use with the solo ad mailer. 1 credit = 1 email to 1 person. These mailing credits are enough to keep you mailing for a long time.

3) You can mail every two days to the entire membership of VAD.

4) You get 40% commissions plus the $10 override bonus.

We love Viral-Ads Depot, and we think you will too.

Jane Mark and Phil Basten