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Recruiting is not needed in ONPASSIVE, as it's all Totally on Autopilot!
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ONPASSIVE have been over 4 years in the making. I saw the "Vision" and Registered reasonably early in November 2018.

We knew that Ash Mufarah's vision would take time to implement and some money. Boy, some money has been spent and that was not our Money!

The short version of what the vision is, is to have all the Internet Tools you require in one place. He wanted to have superior tools that are currently on the market at a competitive price.

There are around 50 Products in the making just now and 3 are ready for release in June 2023. There are another 3 products available now for Free. Two million marketers are registered and awaiting the first paid product being O-Connect, which will be released in the first half of June 2023. Just a few days away.

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